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Creating Authentic Brands at Brand Camp

It was an honor to present Brand Camp: Discover Your Authentic Brand at the Orlando Regional Realtor Association Young Professionals event on March 16. As you can tell from the name I wanted this branding session to be fun and jam-packed with practical branding tips. In addition, I wanted the real estate professionals to walk away with a better sense of the foundation for their own brand strategy by providing three key lessons, case studies, and a practical application of those branding lessons all within this very short window of opportunity.

Knowing the importance of these lessons and the limited time I had with these busy real estate professionals, I had a unique opportunity on my hands. So, I flipped this session and put the challenges - three key branding practical exercises on their plates to accomplish during our work together. The "campers" discovered more about their authentic brand with hands-on branding questions that incorporated three branding topics: Brand Audit, Brand Identity, and Brand Story.

I was optimistic from the planning stages that they could successfully dig deep and begin to create a meaningful direction for their brands as a result of the information I was presenting to them. This was the first time that I presented my branding material in this format and in such a short timeframe. The theme, Brand Camp, was also new and was developed with the idea of getting people together who were open to learn new things and who had an interest in being creating and were willing to share their ideas and insight with others.

The purpose of this post is to provide you with a taste of the learning, interaction, and reflection that happened during the workshop.

You will find the workshop details and various pictures, videos and slide deck examples below to show you the format and creative direction with the branding workshop.

If your company or your organization would like to embark on your own custom branding workshop, contact me to discuss workshop details. I'll develop a workshop proposal based on your budget requirements to accomplish your company/organization objectives. Email me at

Keep Branding!

Ken DeGilio, Brand Coach




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