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Ken DeGilio, Brand Coach, is an expert brand journalist and brand strategy consultant providing his unique formula of brand strategy and creative talent while tapping the creative energy of a team of professional branding and content experts together with a passion for launching, rejuvenating, and propelling brands.  

Ken uses his expertise and professional background in branding and strategic marketing to help you and your company develop meaningful brands with authentic brand stories to create lasting relationships.


Ken designs strategic brand experiences and crafts authentic brand stories that touch people on a personal level to spark changes in their lives. 

Ken provides brand coaching for CEOs and entrepreneurs and can help you start to build an authentic brand through the following BRAND COACHING services:


  • Brand Strategy Plans

  • Brand Audits

  • Brand Story Development

  • Workshops & Training for Staff

As your brand coach and brand strategist, Ken helps you develop a strategy for success. Ken creates a clearly defined strategy as the first step in the creative development of your brand. It’s your point of reference and your brand’s blueprint for success so you can Brand Like A Boss. 

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