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What is a "BRAND COACH"?

Have you ever wondered how you could create a meaningful brand but didn't know where to start? Have you ever tried to discuss your vision for your brand but there were just too many things to consider? Well, a brand coach can help you with that!

Without a clear brand strategy you won't be able to find a solution for your brand identity - one that impacts and engages your target audience. If you are creating a new brand or rebranding an existing brand, research helps you understand how you are relevant in your industry and creativity brings that brand strategy to life.

"A brand without a story is just a trademark."

Ken DeGilio, Brand Coach

So what does a brand coach actually do?

A Brand Coach is both a branding expert and business consultant who helps you create an authentic strategy that is in-line with your long-term vision for your company. Through coaching sessions, brand workshops, or perhaps through extended brand strategy sessions with your key stakeholders, your brand coach will guide you through the decision-making process using branding tools and their expertise.

A Brand Coach Can Help You Create an Authentic Brand

These are the basic steps to create an Authentic Brand:

  1. Develop a brand vision to define your unique brand experience

  2. Create your “value proposition” and a deeper understanding of your target audience

  3. Establish a clear brand identity including a brand messaging strategy

  4. Brand Brainstorm to better understand and help bring an authentic creative strategy to life

  5. Define a Strategic Brand Identity to that serves as a blueprint for your unique brand culture


Brand coaching can be a one-time, short-term process to deep dive into aspects of your brand strategy or brand identity like coming up with a new name, creating a new logo, or developing a brand messaging plan for your brand. Or, if starting from scratch, it can be a longer process (3-6 months) to create a stronger foundation starting with a more in-depth Brand Research and Brand Audit and including a comprehensive plan for the new Brand Identity and creation of the Corporate Culture and Brand Experience including the marketing and promotion of the brand itself.

Research and Planning is one aspect of the role of Brand Coach

Brand coaching is not just about creating a logo, it is about helping you define a meaning system for your brand including a better understanding your target audience so that an authentic logo can be created. Anyone can create a logo but not all can help in developing the authenticity behind the brand and bring that brand to life. What I do is to bring purpose and passion into the mix as a way to create legacy through my clients' businesses.

It's my job to help you develop the brand behind the logo, that's what matters most to me.

Each of my clients have an individualized plan for achieving their goals. An initial discovery session is provided in order to prepare a custom proposal that suits the clients' needs. If you are in need of branding and considering the services of a designer, brand consultant, or digital agency, I'd be happy to discuss the process with you and see if I could assist you with your overall goals.

Good luck to you on this journey and don't forget to "Keep Branding!"

Ken DeGilio, Brand Coach




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