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Updating My Personal Brand

Keeping My Personal Brand Authentic

Authenticity. We throw the word around a lot these days especially if you are in branding. As a brand consultant, it is important for me to try to deliver an authentic brand to my clients as we are developing a new brand. So when it came to my own personal brand, I knew it was time to pivot and make some changes in how I communicate my brand. This could have happened back a few months but I wanted to have a great picture that represented this change to my new brand. They say everything happens for a reason. With some personal and business setbacks behind me, I thought it was past time to make this happen.

So what's new about my personal brand? Well, it's more than letting the white shine through in my hair and adding some straggly white chin whiskers, and adding new Ray Ban glasses. That just happens to be the outcome of realizing my true potential I have inside of me and learning to my own talent to help others on a bigger scale. I'm still the brand coach, strategic brand consultant, creative marketing guy, and educator but I've reached a new stage in my profession with new, bigger goals and expectations for myself. I've always been dedicated to growth and learning. You'll see more of that from me and as well as giving back to my community - local and global.

Over a year ago, I stepped away from the digital marketing side hustle that I had focused on for nearly five years and started working on a new project that incorporated all the things I care about: branding, professional development, real estate, and charity. Through that time, I realized I had the potential to build something bigger that incorporated my expertise and passion and GRECO Consulting was born. The change in making that move was strategic to my current success in being open to new opportunities. With all of that going on, this has also been a hectic year of family setbacks, challenges and struggle with minor skin cancer. I have always been one to keep moving forward and to keep smiling amidst the challenges. For me this has been a defining moment of staying professional and learning to say no more and keeping my priorities in focus. Helping my clients and my students with these same issues is paramount. Knowing that they too also go through struggles, financial difficulties, and problems in focusing priorities and given rise to a strength for me. The Brand Coach was born to incorporate working with clients (and students) with channeling this creative and business focus to find a solution that helps guide them to create their own legacy. You see, while on my own strange path, I believe I've found my legacy in using my expertise and also my professional and personal experiences to navigate others through their challenges. It's not just in picking the best logo, or finding the best picture, it's about helping them tell their stories of creating their legacy. It's what I've been doing this entire time.

Now, I can look back and connect some of these dots. That's what I'm sharing with you today and why this step is so important in what's to come. While we don't know what is ahead for us, we know the work we do on a day-to-day basis to guide us on our paths to experience more passion and more meaning. As I move forward with some big milestones - hitting the 10-year mark teaching branding in a graduate program, launching a business (or two), and keeping a family together while looking ahead to turning 50 in 2018.

Thanks for joining me here. I am asking for your connection and engagement here. I want you to help you grow but I also want to grow as well. Let me know how I can help you create your own legacy. That's what really matters to me.

Ken DeGilio is a Brand Coach & Corporate Brand Strategist and is available for brand strategies for companies and nonprofit organizations all over the globe. If you are ready to explore creating an authentic brand, let's do this.

Email me at to get started on your journey.




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