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Building Your Brand on LinkedIn

Using the LinkedIn's Publishing Platform feature is an excellent personal branding strategy for any professional looking to communicate their expertise in one of the easiest online formats available. Professionals can join the blogging community with easy access to over 330+ million members. You have the potential to grow your online community and stay in touch with your professional network in one platform. There is no doubt that blogging helps you build your personal brand as well as it is one of the smartest tactics for building trust for your company.

It's good for business, too! From Hubspot, "Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website." Read more here on business blogging:

LinkedIn provides four reasons why publishing long-form content on your LinkedIn page could be a great strategy for you; when you publish a long-form post on LinkedIn:

  1. Your original content becomes part of your professional profile. It is displayed on the Posts section of your LinkedIn profile.

  2. It's shared with your connections and followers.

  3. Members not in your network can now follow you from your long-form post to receive updates when you publish next.

  4. Your long-form post is searchable both on and off of LinkedIn.

Here's a link to my most current LinkedIn post, Quit the BS and Launch in 2016:

Thanks for following along and be sure to leave some comments along the way.

Check back as I'll be giving you content creation tips for your LinkedIn posts as part of communicating your personal brand strategy.

Stay Authentic,

Ken DeGilio, Brand Coach




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