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"A Brand Without A Story Is Only A Trademark." 

Have you ever wondered how you could create a meaningful brand but didn't know where to start? Have you ever tried to discuss your vision for your brand but there were just too many things to consider? Well, a brand coach can help...

What if every day you woke up you decided you were going to win the day? That's what Keith Greiveldinger does and he continues to spread his message on his website, The Win It Minute. 

At times, we might forget our authentic story....

Keeping My Personal Brand Authentic

Authenticity. We throw the word around a lot these days especially if you are in branding. As a brand consultant, it is important for me to try to deliver an authentic brand to my clients as we ar...

Imagine building a brand as iconic as Harley-Davidson. Now imagine trying to build that brand. Let's first just focus on the engine to that Harley-Davidson. There are so many moving parts and precision is key. The same applies to b...

ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHALLENGE?  You can be a newbie or an expert to join this challenge but I would like you to commit to blogging consistently and complete the entire 30 days.

It was an honor to present Brand Camp: Discover Your Authentic Brand at the Orlando Regional Realtor Association Young Professionals event on March 16.  As you can tell from the name I wanted this branding session to be fun an...

Last week, we had the opportunity to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in Lake Nona through Nona Network, a networking group I started a few years ago for entrepreneurs and business owners in Lake Nona who want to connect.


Thanks for connecting with me online. I hope you'll join me again when I'll be updating this blog about branding, storytelling, and giving you ways to tell your authentic story to build trust. 

Until then, 

Ken DeGilio, Brand Coach &...

Using the LinkedIn's Publishing Platform feature is an excellent personal branding strategy for any professional looking to communicate their expertise in one of the easiest online formats available. Professionals can join the blog...

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 There's no easy formula for creating an authentic brand. You can create a brand strategy, develop a brand process, and visualize a brand identity, but if the brand strategist isn't focused or creative enough, your brand will not be successful. Ken DeGilio, a noted Orlando Brand Consultant, can guide you with your brand services. 

Trust Ken DeGilio, Brand Coach, as your brand strategist and bring your authentic brand to life.  


Building Authentic Brands 

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